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      Promote SAFE recreational cycling for novice to accomplished riders.

    Provide continuous education and training to instill safe riding habits until they become instinctive.

    Pedals Up @ 7:30 AM

    Saturday-February 27th, 2021

    Location: Nob Hill and Cleary

    Plantation Promenade

    Intermediate (14-16 mph) 30 miles with a rest stop

    Experience  (16-18 mph)  35 miles with a rest stop

    Advance (18-20 mph)  40 miles with a rest stop

    Sunday-February 28th, 2021

    Location: Lester's Diner 

    1393 NW 136 Ave, Sunrise, FL

    Experience  (16-18 mph)  35 miles with a rest stop

    Advance (18-20 mph)  40 miles with a rest stop

    Join the SBW  team.

    Let's go for a great ride and support a great cause.


    March 21st, 2021

    7:30 a.m. in conjunction with Treasure Coast Cycling Association (TCCA) is hosting their 7th Annual 'Riding for Heroesevent to benefit the LCpl Justin J. Wilson (US Marines) Memorial Foundation, Inc., providing military families in financial need seeking to be with their loved ones before or after their deployment, along with helping the wounded and those deployed.

    This foundation was established by a mother after her son never returned from overseas.  Honoring the men and women of our military who have made the commitment to protect the freedom of millions of Americans and the strong and courageous families who love and support them so that no member of our armed forces ever leaves or returns to this country feeling alone.

    This organization raises money to help families reunite with their love one.

    There will be 40, 56, 80 and 100 mile route options.

    Look for the South Broward Team when registering.

    Check out all details on their website.

    Registration Fee going up 03/08/21 - Register NOW...


    Broward's Annual Let’s Go Biking Event is going virtual this year! The virtual bike ride is a county-wide event and participants of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate. Participants must ride their bikes throughout the month of March and log all their rides through their preferred fitness tracking app.  The participants with the most miles ridden at the end of the month, wins! 

    For more information go to:  BROWARD 

      Find and join the team - Let's Go Biking


    Looking for weekday morning ride ? 

    Bogart's Weekday Ride is back!


    (NE corner of Sheridan and Hiatus)

     Monday, Wednesday & Friday Mornings  

    8:00 A.M.

    For more details visit our EVENT CALENDAR

    Save the dates for some amazing 

    Destination Rides!

    March 13th, 2021 

    South of the Border Coconut Grove Ride

    April 17th, 2021

    Harley's 70 @ 7


    Also looking forward to getting out of town for our weekend Tours.

    May 14th-16th 2021

    Tour of Sanibel & Cape Coral 

    September, 2021

    Withlacoochee State Trail Tour

    COVID 19 Guidelines

    For our rides we stipulate the following:

    If you are in the high risk health categories or simply are not ready, please wait to join our rides until you feel more comfortable.

    Of course we will ask that if you feel sick or think you might have been exposed to COVID19  . . . .  DO NOT Join our rides.

    Face Coverings:

    You must have a face covering with you, must wear at ride start and rest stop.

    (optional  to wear during the ride)

    We will NOW be enforcing MEMBERS ONLY RIDES.

    We require that everyone sign the new WAIVER and bring it to your first club ride. 

    Below, please find NEW ride waiver.


    Everyone is welcome to one ride as a visitor before membership is required. So what are you waiting for? 

    Come out and join us on one of our rides.

    If you've let your membership expire, please renew now.

    JOIN or Renew 

    Calling all RIDE LEADERS!!

    One of the hallmarks of SBW is that our rides & routes are always different and unique and this is only possible by having many different ride leaders. 

    So if you have been thinking about leading a ride . . . now it is your time and we will be behind you (literally) every pedal stroke to guide you.

    We are bringing back or monthly $25 Starbucks gift cards & other raffle prizes.

    How do you enter, you ask???

    Sign up, lead a ride and You're IN!

    The more rides you lead, the more entries you get!!!

    Winners will be announced once a month on our Newsletter 

    If you would like to lead a ride, please visit our Event Calendar Pagereach out to our Ride Director, Robert Alderman, or any of the other Board Members and let them know what ride you would like to lead.

    Pick your group

    Intermediate (14-16 mph) for about 30-35 miles

    Experienced (16-18 mph) for about 35-40 miles

    Advanced (18-20 mph) for about 40-45 miles 

    It's great to be SBW 

    Your membership saves . . .

    Exclusive to SBW members, RoadID now offers $10 off on your order. 

     Order Your RoadID Here 

    Out of shape after all these months of Quarantine?

    Check out what G20 has been up to lately with their creative virtual workouts.

    Try them out during their special

    10 sessions & t-shirt for just $35

    Visit their website for all the details. 

    Perhaps since we have not been riding together, you have forgotten to renew your SBW membership. 

    To continue getting the latest information and newsletters, please make sure to keep your membership up to date.


    Your SBW membership now includes access to

    Ride with GPS  absolutely FREE !!!! 

    (individual memberships could cost up to $80.00/year for premium subscription)

    Check out the

    following links below for official COVID19 updates.

    Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement

    If you have not been riding with SBW

    we encourage you to give us a try.

        If you have ridden with SBW and enjoyed the experience, 

        we encourage you to ride with us again.

            If you have been riding regularly with SBW,

            we encourage you to join the club & become a member. 

            What are you waiting for?

               Join  SBW today and start enjoying all the benefits we have to offer ...

              - Organized weekly local group rides. 

              - Discounts at many local bike  shops and other sponsors.

              - Wheeler's Weekly e-mail blast with details   on all rides and events. 

              - Socials and monthly "Big Event" 

               - Organized tours with discounted group rates on hotels & ride registrations. 

              Friendship & Camaraderie !!! 

              Since 1984, SBW has been offering the most complete safe and fun biking experiences for the recreational cyclist .

              We offer rides from beginners to advanced, from short morning rides to metric and even century rides. 

              Our Ride leaders pride themselves in discovering new and unique routes, sometimes we include rides with a breakfast or lunch destination.

              We also participate in several charity events during the year and organize out of town tours.

              Come join us if you're ready to have some fun ! 

              JOIN or Renew 

              JOIN or Renew 

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