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      Promote SAFE recreational cycling for novice to accomplished riders.

    Provide continuous education and training to instill safe riding habits until they become instinctive.

    Everyone is welcome to join one ride as a visitor before membership is required.

    So what are you waiting for? 

     Come out and join us on one of our rides. 

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    Join SBW  on our classic BEACH Ride

    Turkey biking...

    Holiday Ride 

    Thanksgiving Day!

    7:30 ride start

    A Members Only Ride!

    Just throw the turkey in the oven and come join us!

    Meet at the east end of parking lot of

    Bokampers Sport Bar and Grill

    (1280 S Pine Island Rd, Plantation, FL 33324)

    INTERMEDIATE (14-16 mph (approx. 25-30 miles with a rest stop)

    EXPERIENCED (16-18 mph (approx. 34 miles with a rest stop)

    Experienced leader: Meet & Ride

    ADVANCED   (18-20 mph (approx. 42 miles with a rest stop)

    Advanced leaderMeet & Ride

    We will head out east  and work our way  to the beach through Las Olas Blvd and then head north along the beach on A1A with a rest stop for all rides half way.

     This is a great ride to try to "step up" and try a higher level since we're all doing the same route. Don't worry, if you can't keep up, there will be another group behind you to pick you up.  

    Just remember, this ride many bridges and is a little more challenging than our regular weekend rides.  


    (click & print)

    We require that you sign the waiver and bring it with you to your first club ride. By signing this waiver once a year, we can avoid sharing the pen and clipboard before each ride.

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    Remembrance Ride with Cycling Family

    May be an image of 2 people, people standing, bicycle, outdoors and text

    Let's join our friends to honor the lives of Denise, Carlos, Debra, Sunny and all other cyclists that have lost their life on the road or have survived and are still struggling. We have to keep raising awareness and and let the families know that we will never forget.

    Saturday November 27th

    7:30 AM

    Parking Lot behind Regal Cinema (15977 Pines Blvd. on, Dykes Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33027)

    Sunday's Ride 

    November 28, 2021

    Pedals Up - 7:30 AM

    Meet us at the Diner !

    Location: Lester's Diner

    (1393 NW 136th Ave, Sunrise)

    Choose your group:

    Experienced  (16-18 mph)  35 miles 

    Advanced (18-20 mph)  40 miles 


    New  Mid Week -  Rise & Ride

    Wednesday Mornings

    Pedals up 7: 15 AM

    Distance: 30 miles

    Speed:  16-18 mph

    Location:  Publix at Weston's Town Center

    We meet every Wednesday morning for a nice ride, come join us!

    This is not an SBW sponsored ride

    Our Board of Directors Representing SBW

    Robert and Harley had the pleasure of meeting with the board of the Florida Bicycle Association (FBA) and Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), to discuss past, current and future projects.

    One of the main topics was "Complete Streets". Simply put, the concept is to provide safe access for cyclist, pedestrians and the handicapped while still moving large volumes of traffic and mass transit through the county. If that was not challenging enough, the county has to get the approval from the 24 cities in Broward County. Each city can have their own concepts of how a street should look, and has a say in the process. 

    We were very impressed by the care and dedication from the managers and engineers at the Broward MPO. They are in this for the long haul and will continue to improve our streets for all of us. We invited them to join SBW for some club rides to get a cyclist perspective. Hopefully they will accept our offer soon. We also volunteered to cycle through some of their sample and test streets that they have been working on.

    Another special guest was Florida House Representitve, Christine Hunschofsky. She and the Florida FBA were responsible to passing a very important bicycle and pedestrian bill that became effective July 1st, 2021.

    We thank all who are making a difference! 

    We are also looking forward to continue these meetings, talks and to working together with city & county official in making south Florida a safer cycling community. 

    Please join, learn from and support the FBA:

    Its Great to be SBW !

    Make sure to check out our

     Photo Gallery 

     Great memories with great friends !

    Calling all RIDE LEADERS!!

    One of the hallmarks of SBW is that our rides & routes are always different and unique and this is only possible by having many different ride leaders. 

    So if you have been thinking about leading a ride . . . now it is your time and we will be behind you (literally) every pedal stroke to guide you.

    We are bringing back or monthly $25 Starbucks gift cards & other raffle prizes.

    How do you enter, you ask???

    Sign up, lead a ride and You're IN!

    The more rides you lead, the more entries you get!!!

    Winners will be announced once a month on our Newsletter 

    If you would like to lead a ride, please visit our Event Calendar Pagereach out to our Ride Director, Robert Alderman, or any of the other Board Members and let them know what ride you would like to lead.

    Pick your group

    Intermediate (14-16 mph) for about 30-35 miles

    Experienced (16-18 mph) for about 35-40 miles

    Advanced (18-20 mph) for about 40-45 miles 

    Out of shape after all these months of Quarantine?

    G20 is back with their outdoor workouts and their creative virtual sessions.

    Try them out during their special

    10 sessions & t-shirt for just $35. 

    What do you have to loose . . .

    a few pounds !!!!

    Visit their website for all the details. 

     We will NOW be enforcing MEMBERS ONLY RIDES

     We require that everyone sign the new WAIVER and bring it to your first club ride. 

     Below, please find NEW ride waiver. 


    Everyone is welcome to one ride as a visitor before membership is required. So what are you waiting for? 

    Come out and join us on one of our rides.

    If you've let your membership expire, please renew now.

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    It's great to be SBW 

    Your membership saves . . .

    Exclusive to SBW members, RoadID now offers $10 off on your order. 

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    (individual memberships could cost up to $80.00/year for premium subscription)

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    Sometimes all we need is a little encouragement

    If you have not been riding with SBW

    we encourage you to give us a try.

        If you have ridden with SBW and enjoyed the experience, 

        we encourage you to ride with us again.

            If you have been riding regularly with SBW,

            we encourage you to join the club & become a member. 

            What are you waiting for?

               Join  SBW today and start enjoying all the benefits we have to offer ...

              - Organized weekly local group rides. 

              - Discounts at many local bike  shops and other sponsors.

              - Wheeler's Weekly e-mail blast with details   on all rides and events. 

              - Socials and monthly "Big Event" 

               - Organized tours with discounted group rates on hotels & ride registrations. 

              Friendship & Camaraderie !!! 

              Since 1984, SBW has been offering the most complete safe and fun biking experiences for the recreational cyclist .

              We offer rides from beginners to advanced, from short morning rides to metric and even century rides. 

              Our Ride leaders pride themselves in discovering new and unique routes, sometimes we include rides with a breakfast or lunch destination.

              We also participate in several charity events during the year and organize out of town tours.

              Come join us if you're ready to have some fun ! 

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