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What a great Event and Ride!!!

Once again, supporting our local events.

Thank you all that came out and supported this great cause.

 Let's do it again next year !!!

It's great to be SBW!

This past Saturday, at our Big Event in Markham Park, we had a special guest; Captain Kevin Butler of the Weston BSO.

We spoke about the relationship of bicycles in a busy city and how Weston has been proactive to promote safe cycling. Here are a few take-a-ways from our talk:

Weston Public Works and BSO have made it a priority to keep our many miles of marked bike lanes clear of debris.

Though he does not like it, short term parking during school drop off and pick up in bike lanes cannot be prevented. We must use care when passing.

Electric Scooters will soon be sharing our bike lanes. Another obstacle for cyclist to be concerned with.

All bicycle accidents that are reported are studied and documented. It had been proven that most bicycle - automobile accidents happened at intersections.

State Rd-84 has been proven to be the most dangerous road for cyclist in the area with, as we all very well know,  many 

fatalities. Extra care must be taken, especially around exit ramps with traffic coming off of I-595. Planning is underway for new bike lanes on St-Rd 84 with some form of barrier.

The most complaints from motorist against cyclist is on narrow South Post Road. When the cyclist are not in the bike lane, traffic backs up and drivers get irritated, specially 

during rush hours when drivers are trying to get to work orget home from long day at work.

Captain Butler was thankful for the opportunity to meet with us and intends to maintain a strong relationship with SBW.

   Riding for Heroes was another memorable ride. 

It was an honor to represent SBW at the  7th Annual Riding for Heroes event to benefit the LCpl Justin J. Wilson (US Marines) Memorial Foundation, Inc., providing military families in financial need seeking to be with their loved ones before or after their deployment, along with helping the wounded and those deployed.




Hoping for a much bigger representation by SBW members next year. . . We need to support this family and all their hard work for all our children in the military . . . 

Not only is it a great ride, it's a great cause !!!!

March 9th, 2019 - Big Event and Ride to Temple of Time with our friends from down under EBC was an incredible experience as always.

SBW Tour at Withlacoochee State Trail

September 14 - 16, 2018

Found refuge at the Moonrise Resort's Cabins 

     Always start with a nice breakfast . . . and get ready for 46 miles of breathtaking trails.  



   Always finding time to stop for beer & food, of course !!!!

We also found time to explore the town and of course sit and have a nice dinner with great friends !!!

      Until next time my friends . . . .

SBW's Wednesday Night's Social, Septemter 12, at WunderBar was Spaß !!!!

Great Friends

Great Food

   And Great Beer !!!!  

Stay tuned for our next social . . . don't miss out on a great time !!!! 

 September's  "BIG EVENT" was a great success thanks to our special guest the Mayor of Sunrise, Michael Ryan and  fellow police officers. 

It is great to see our community leaders join forces with the cycling community for our common goal of road safety and education.

SBW is looking forward to working with City of Sunrise on future cycling and community events

Coral Gables/Coconut Grove Ride

June 23, 2018


Annual Beach Ride & BBQ Bash 

June 2, 2018


 Funky Buddha Ride and Happy Hour - April 7, 2018

   Ride, Food, Friends and BEER !!!!   



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